Why i had hope and still have and made the hashtag #TheDutchForTrump

Before the elections in 2020 i made the hashtag on twitter to show my support for Trump.


Why one wonders, why did i choose the side of Trump?

Well, its simple.

It realy is plain simple.

Because he is the best man for the job.

And thats exactly what it is.

He is not the best man in the world. Who is?

He has his faults, he has his flaws. But who hasn't ?

So why is he than the best man for the job?

Because he had shown the world what is possible. What we can achieve as humankind.


He brought peace to regions no one would have thought he could, or any one else. And that's a fact.

He did bring people together, he gave people hope.

Hope for a better future. Hope for a better world to live in.

And foremost: hope to become more human.



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