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  • July, 2023
  • BIO LAB - China - Covid - Inflation - WAR

    Headlines all over the news. China is the new danger. Chinese labs in the US ...

    A mysterious Chinese Bio-Lab was discovered in a remote California city appearantly run by a shady Chinese company. Operating in Reedley, in the central San Joaquin Valley. Near an important air force base.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tested the substances and detected at least 20 potentially infectious agents, including coronavirus, HIV, hepatitis and herpes, according to a Health and Human Services letter dated June 6.

    What to think of this news, in these times where the tension between the US and the rest of the world grows. More and more countries are sick and tired of the games the US plays. The evil they do. Sanctions, war, looting of countries, weaponising the Dollar, controling SWIFT etc.

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